Altitude : 2000m/6562ft

Located in Southern Bhutan, Samtse borders Indian states of West Bengal and Sikkim. It has an altitude range of 600m-3800m. Samtse has the third highest population in the nation that primarily comprises of the Lhotshampa and the Doya ethnic groups. Smaller groups of Bumthaps, Tshanglas, Ngalongs, Khengpas and Kurtoeps have started inhabiting the region in recent years. Given its demography, Samtse is also a religiously diverse – both Hinduism and Buddhism are widely practiced. Visitors will find temples belonging to both religions all over the beautifully forested district. The main festivals celebrated in the region include Losar (New Year), Thrue and Lomba by the Buddhists and Diwali and Dussehra by the Hindus.

Samtse is home to many mineral and limestone mines as well as fruit and food products factory. With its’ hot and humid climate, Samtse has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. One of the more exotic animals found in this district are the local elephants, some of which have been domesticated.

Places To See

    Samtse College of Education

    One of the most important facets of the Dzongkhag is the Samtse College of Education. It was started in 1968 and has provided the country with countless valuable teachers. This college is widely considered to be one of Bhutan’s premier educational institutions.